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cheap homemade baby shower favors for boys

cheap homemade baby shower favors for boys

Homemade Baby Shower Favors : The Decoration : cheap homemade baby shower favors for boys

Homemade Baby Shower Favors : The Decoration

Homemade baby shower favors that easy to make is the decoration, you can add a cheerful element to your baby shower. All decorations are in your hands, it’s up to you, and this is your freedom to planned what you want to your decorations.  The favorite stuff for decorate are ribbon, scrapbook paper and tissue paper. Simple and easy to get. That three things can help you so much.

Pom Poms Tissue Paper

All you need is eight to ten tissue papers. The size of the tissue papers are up to you, but think like this. If you use the big size, you can make the big poms too. Take one of that tissue and put on the flat surface. After that, fold it with an inch or half, over and over again until the entire tissue. And then rub the tissue papers. Take the floral wire, fluff the tissue paper, and keep pulling each layer. Do the same to the other side and tie them. Made the pom poms everywhere especially in the center of the party.

The Washcloth Lollipop

The other homemade baby shower favors is the washcloth lollipop. Washcloth is needed in bath time or to clean up the messy hands.  It is easy to make, all you need are washcloths, lollipop sticks, lollipop bags, small rubber bands and ribbon. Lay the washcloth in the flat surface, and then fold one side, like you made the pom poms, and your washcloth will look a like roll. Roll your washcloth into make a circle. And put them in the lollipop bags, tied with the ribbon and add the lollipop sticks as a final step.

More Homemade Baby Shower Favor Ideas

There is so many ideas for your baby shower homemade that simple to make. Like diaper favor. This diaper homemade is made by napkins, and then fill the diapers with candies, nuts or goodies. The other example is cupcakes in jar. Made a cupcakes is easy, or you can buy the cupcakes and then put them on the jar. Don’t forget about the diameters of the cupcakes and the jar. If your cupcakes diameter is larger than the jar diameters, you can put your cupcakes in the car, it doesn’t fit in there. There is homemade baby shower favors that we can give to you. Enjoy!

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